We have many people that dedicate their time to helping out our team. Therefore, we thought we'd take the chance to introduce the folks under the cowboy hats! 

Frank Sullivan


Frank Sullivan hails from Maple Lake, Minnesota. Frank is the founder of O’Sullivan Auctioneers, and has over 50 years of auctioneering experience! He enjoys being able to make a difference for the organization for which the funds are being raised. 


Joseph O'Sullivan

Joseph O’Sullivan is from Glencoe, Minnesota. He has been a part of the crew since 2004, with 18 years of experience as a ringman. Joseph really enjoys the personal interaction that the team has with the crowd and providing entertainment for all of the attendees at the galas.  

Paddy O'Sullivan

Paddy O’Sullivan is from Brookings, South Dakota. He has been with the auction crew for the past 12 years, beginning as a ringman in 2010. Paddy's favorite part of working at the benefit auctions is meeting new people at these events and the atmosphere there.


Alyssa O'Sullivan

Alyssa O'Sullivan is from Glencoe, Minnesota. Married to Joseph, Alyssa has been a part of the O’Sullivan Auctioneers crew for the past three years. Alyssa helps with different facets of the business, including photography and managing our Instagram page, as well as serving as ring help.

Lydia O'Sullivan

Lydia Hite hails from Brookings, South Dakota. Lydia is married to Paddy, and has been part of the crew for the past five years helping out the team in multiple areas. Lydia serves as ring help, in addition to taking photos, creating content, and managing our Facebook page. 


Kirk Asplin

Kirk Asplin is from Cokato, Minnesota. Kirk has been a part of the O’Sullivan auction crew for the past five years. Kirk really enjoys being with the people at the events, as well as helping raise funds for great organizations. (Plus, great food is always an added bonus.)

Ethan Groos

Ethan Groos hails from Colman, South Dakota. Ethan is a recent addition to O’Sullivan Auctioneers team, serving as a ringman for the past three years. Ethan’s favorite part of the benefits is the fun filled atmosphere that the crew brings to these events. 


Josh Wise

Josh is from Garner, Iowa. He has been helping the O'Sullivan Auctioneers for four years. Josh enjoys benefit auctions because of the enthusiastic buyers coming together to support great organizations. He also enjoys the teamwork we use at O’Sullivan Auctioneers to create excitement and to entice bidders to raise their paddle.

Ed Behr

Ed hails from Mason City, Iowa. He has been part of the crew for the past five years. His favorite part of working with O’Sullivan Auctioneers is coming together with other professionals to help create the seeds which inspire meaningful change in our world.