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If you're interested in learning more, or want to book our auctioneering service for your next event, please fill out this contact form.


Frank Sullivan will be in contact with you to share pricing information, and to set up a pre-event consultation to learn more about your fundraising goals, run through auction items and strategy to maximize fundraising.   


Matt Birk, Matt Birk & Company, LLC

O’Sullivan Auctioneers is simply the best!  I hire them again and again because I know they are professional and they get results.  They not only get top dollar but they add to the entire experience of the event- they bring great energy and everyone enjoys themselves even more when the O’Sullivan team is in the house.

Linda Zahradka, 916 Education Foundation

Making FUNdraising Successful and Fun.... all you need to do is add O'Sullivan Auctioneers and a great crowd.  Join others in using O'Sullivan Auctioneers to assist you in reaching your fundraising and relationship building goals.  The auctioneer team involves the entire room with the bidding and winning!  Just ask participants of the 916 Education Foundation why they will spend over $702 for a single cake!

Colleen Jensen, Lakeview Health Foundation

I couldn’t be more pleased with the services offered by Frank and his team.  He has an uncommon ability to take a very somber topic like oncology, present the facts to the audience, and inspire them to give.  He and his team are professionals from the start – taking time to learn about our organization and the cause.  Their real superpower is the fun atmosphere they create during our auction – the entire audience is having fun.  As a result, our funds raised continue to grow each year we work with Frank.

Anne Fredrickson, Alpha Women's Center

Frank Sullivan and his team brought joy and fun to our gala.  While helping us raise more money than ever before at our auction, they entertained everyone, including those who were not bidding.  The room was full of smiles because of their spirit and enthusiasm.  I highly recommend Frank and his crew and we will continue to use them for our fundraising!

Jennifer Newman, Ave Maria Academy

Remarkable Results!  O’Sullivan Auctioneers deliver a perfect balance of fun and professionalism creating an atmosphere of success!  Our guests enjoyed a great evening and our fundraiser surpassed its goal.  Thank you! 

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